My Top 6 Favorite Breeds of Dogs

I have had several wonderful dogs in my life, some purebred, and some not. There are some that while they haven’t shared my life, I admire them for the beauty of their breed.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 1.37.52 PM.png

6) Irish Wolfhounds/Scottish Deer hounds—A tie for sixth. These dogs have been residents of Gaelic households for hundreds of years as a hunting companions, protectors, and pets.

5) Saluki—Another dog breed to hunt, as well as be a companion. Salukis are quiet and intelligent, as well as loyal to their owners. An ancient breed, the Saluki was the perfect choice for Maggie’s pet in Keeper of the Dragon’s Tears.

4) Catahoula (leopard dogs)—This breed is used to work cattle. Here in Texas, it is very easy to find a Catahoula. I had a male named Six for many years and while he did not show much interest in working cattle, (a good thing as we didn’t own any at the time) he was a wonderful dog for my two daughters. No one got between Six and my kids. He did not openly threaten, but his message was clear. We now have a female named Bailey. She is another that watches out for children, and also loves to play chase with the mini horse. The two of them go back and forth across the pasture.

3) Mutts—The Heinz 57 variety of dog that can’t be beat. I have four of them now, as well as numerous over the years. As with any type of dog, there may be the one or two that just don’t fit, but for the most part, all are wonderful, fun, and loyal dogs.

2) Beagles—Who couldn’t love that sweet doggy face, and that beautiful baying voice? I grew up with Beagles, both as pets and hunting dogs. My grandfather always had a pair for rabbit hunting. Most of the ones we had as kids that were my dad’s were pets. We never had a bad one. They have a ton of personality, loads of energy, and are too cute.

1) Great Danes—I have had two Danes, and as long as I can handle one, I hope to have one of these fantastic dogs in my life. Harley was my first, a harlequin-colored Dane I got when she was four years-old. You would think such a large dog would be a bit aggressive. I’m sure that there are some that might fit that description, but I would be more worried of a bite from a tiny dog than a Great Dane. Raven is my current Dane and super sweet. I find these dogs to be friendly, loyal, and super goofy, which allows for some hilarity along the way. My top pick but not a dog for just anyone, as they need a lot of room to run and if you keep them in the house, be prepared to have your table cleared by that wagging tail!

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