A Dragon Legend Part 9

Please enjoy my latest collection of short stories, A Dragon Legend! 


Inyx stirred from her slumber. No vision or sense of foreboding woke her this time. Instead it was the steady scratching of tiny claws on the stone-like eggshell.

Maternal excitement coursed through her. This dragonet would be special. It was not because it would be her last offspring, but because it would be the recipient of her knowledge and all of her magic.

Dragons had a spell that transferred all of their memories and magic when it was their time to die. Inyx had thousands of years of experience and power to gift to her young, although she hoped it would be some time before that gift was imparted.

Inyx spoke gentle encouragement in the dragon tongue to the dragonet as it worked to free itself. This was its first challenge in life that it must do on its own.

There was a trill in answer and the scratching continued. Sometime later, a crack appeared in the egg and it grew and splintered.

At last, the dragonet was able to push the sides open and break free.

Inyx lowered her head to touch the newly hatched baby and rumbled deep-voiced greetings. The dragonet rubbed its little nose on Inyx’s muzzle and returned the greetings excitedly.

Inyx noticed that her baby shivered, its white hide still damp from being enclosed in the egg.

Using one talon, she gently helped the dragonet free itself completely from the egg. Tucking her youngster close, she murmured a spell, and the remains of the egg were consumed in a magical flame.

After the shell disappeared, the flame remained. Inyx coaxed the dragonet close enough to safely dry in its warmth.

The baby moved to take advantage of the heat, unfurling its wings for the first time to dry them. Inyx examined the little dragon as it basked in the warmth. She had a fine son, who was the iridescent color of new snow.

Soon he was dry, and Inyx extinguished the flame. She pulled the baby in close again after he folded his wings, tucking him underneath her own wing.

Exhausted from the work of breaking free of the egg, the little dragon soon slept.

Inyx proudly guarded her new son while she thought of what to call him. The name came to her, and she bowed her head to whisper it to him.

“I shall call you Nimbus,” she whispered. “We will explore this new land together as you mature, and one day it will be yours to protect. Sleep well, my son, and dream of our future.”


© Copyright 2017 Tamara Hartl, not edited for publication

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