Pitchfork and Pen—The State Bird of Texas


We had almost 30 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey. Not as much as some, but more than enough. This last week we have had at least one rain shower every day. Nothing to get excited about, but my hay field is pretty and green. Continue reading “Pitchfork and Pen—The State Bird of Texas”


Pitchfork and Pen—A Turkish Beauty


I am so honored to belong to the Yoakum Literary Club, a group that has been in existence since December, 1902. Since becoming a member, I have read some works that I probably would not have ever picked up myself. Everything on the schedule has been marvelous! Continue reading “Pitchfork and Pen—A Turkish Beauty”

Pitchfork and Pen—Office Supply Addict


Recently I responded to a fellow writer’s Facebook post after she made a trip into an office supply store. Soon, a conversation ensued and several of us admitted to having a strange fascination for these places.

Continue reading “Pitchfork and Pen—Office Supply Addict”