A Dragon Legend Part 8

Please enjoy my latest collection of short stories, A Dragon Legend! 


All the dragons that traveled with Inyx had agreed that as reward for bringing them to safety, Inyx would have first choice of a new territory.

Inyx choose the land where the dragons had arrived. Her decision was made for the most part because she wanted the distant mountain as her new lair. The more pressing matter that hastened her decision was that she knew she could no longer hold off birthing her egg.

As the other dragons left the plains after recovering from their journey, Inyx flew in the direction of the mountain.

To her delight, a multi-chambered cave graced the heights, as well as a long, broad ledge at its entrance.

Inyx explored the cavern, and claimed her sleeping chamber. She used her sharp talons to loosen the floor in one spot against the wall, creating a shallow, sand-filled depression.

In time, she birthed a single blue-tinted egg, which she covered with her body. She tented her wings around herself and her young to keep them both warm.

Within a few hours, the egg hardened, protecting the dragonet, and allowing its mother to move away and admire what she knew to be her last offspring.

She dismissed the passing wave of sadness as she gazed at her egg. None of her other offspring, all mature dragons, had come with her.

A male and two other female ice dragons had made it to this new world. The male had headed to the far north, one female flying with him. The other female had gone into the direction of the setting sun. All the rest of her kin she presumed would perish.

Inyx shook her scales and settled in to guard her egg. In just a few days the dragonet would be ready to break free.

She rumbled a greeting to the dragonet inside and was rewarded with a faint reply.


© Copyright 2017 Tamara Hartl, not edited for publication

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