My Favorite Animated Movies

Admittedly, I don’t watch much TV or go to many movies. I don’t know that I can even name some of the more popular animated films, let alone come up with an extensive list. To give you guys and idea, I actually feel like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy could be considered animated, as well as the three Hobbit movies that followed. I have watched each several times.

After giving it some thought, though, these are some of my all-time favorites:

Brave has to be on the list. The feisty heroine, beautiful animation and the inspired storyline have this Scottish tale on my must-see list. The humor in it makes it a lot of fun to watch as well.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 1.05.53 PM.pngAnother animated tale, or actually two, are How to Train Your Dragon, and its sequel. I’m a big fan of Toothless and Hiccup.

I’m not sure where Avatar fits into the category. I’m thinking it’s along the lines of the Tolkien movies, but it is one of my favorite movies, and it IS animated!

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