My top picks of Sexy Scots

It is a tough challenge to pick the sexiest Scots. Scotland has given us some fine specimen to choose from. But, hey, someone has to do the tough work! Here are some of the guys who blow my kilt up!

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 1.24.02 PM
5) James McAvoy —a sexy Charles Xavier in Xmen: First Class

4) Ewan McGregor—from Star Wars to Angels and Demons, Ewan is super sexy.

3) Richard Madden—Robb Stark of Game of Thrones. The honorable Lord of Winterfell…and our hearts.

2) Gerard Butler—One of my favorite actors. I love fantasy movies, and one of my favorite is 300.

1) I could not decide which sexy Scot to give this top spot to, so it’s a three-way tie between Sam Heughan, actor and model, Jamie Fraser of the popular Starz series, Outlander, and Sean Connery, a legendary actor and still super sexy.

While I couldn’t include him on the list, I’m partial to Drace MacKinnon. He is of Scottish descent, both sets of his grandparents are immigrants from Scotland. He is super sexy, because I wrote him that way in Dark Lord of Kismera, book one in the Knights of Kismera series. I’ll let you decide if he makes your list of sexy Scots.


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