Book Review—Angels and Patriots


Angels and demons, both created by God, walk among men. But these are not ordinary men.

Salina B Baker’s novel, Angels and Patriots: Book One puts us at the beginning of the Revolutionary War where angels have taken on the task of protecting and helping the patriots as they battle for American Independence.

What the soldiers do not realize is that they are facing not only the British, but demons sent by God to eliminate the angels.

This a beautifully written first installment, and with the author’s deep knowledge of the history of the Revolutionary War and of the patriotic men and women who lived it, she puts the reader right in the middle of the action.

A&P is a must-read, and I’m excited to continue the series so that I can follow archangel Malcom and his fellow angels in their efforts against tyranny and their quest for their own private peace. For fantasy and history buffs alike, Salina Baker is definitely an author to follow.

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