My Favorite Breeds of Horses

It is hard to narrow it down to just a few. I love horses—all horses. I’ve been horse crazy since I was old enough to know what a horse was.

It has helped, however, to have had the opportunity to work on several farms, two of which bred and raised specific breeds. This gave me the chance to learn how those horses behaved and thought.

Having an interest in dressage also exposed me to other breeds used in that discipline.

5. Warmbloods—While any breed of horse can do at least basic dressage, there are several breeds that excel in it. Number 5 is a broad group, not really a specific breed. Dutch Warmbloods, Trakehners, and Oldenburgs are examples of types of Warmbloods. They are athletic and strong horses. I love to watch a high-level dressage horse perform.

4. Morgans—I have worked with this breed and find them very beautiful, and personable horses. Athletic, as well as in general kind, they make a great family horse. Morgans are very versatile and do well in most equestrian discipline.

3. Miniature horses—Smaller than most ponies, Mini’s are actually horses bred down to be small. Showing these little guys is actually very popular. Miniature horses are shown in harness, pulling a small cart, or in hand. People who have limited space for a horse or want to “downsize” might want to take a look at miniature horses.

2. Arabians—If you want a horse that really thinks, you might enjoy an Arabian. I have had several. Right now, I have a purebred mare that will be 31 years old this spring. The other three horses are all half Arabian. Two of them have Saddlebred as the other half. One is half Quarter Horse. Not only is the Arabian horse beautiful to look at, but it is athletic and very versatile, able to compete in reining, dressage, western pleasure, and racing. If you’re looking for an endurance horse, there is none better.

black horse

1. Friesians—I have never had the privilege of riding a Friesian, but I have seen a few in person. Getting a ride on one of these magnificent horses is definitely on my bucket list. They have a fascinating history, as workers on the family farm as well and for carrying warrior knights into battle. That made this personable horse perfect to be companion to hero Drace MacKinnon in Dark Lord of Kismera.

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