A Dragon Legend Part 7

Please enjoy my latest collection of short stories, A Dragon Legend! 


Dragons lay sprawled in various positions in the deep grass.

Inyx rolled up onto her chest, pulling her legs up underneath herself, but did not have the strength to pull her wings to her body.

Exhausted from casting the powerful spell, and the travel itself into a different plane, Inyx rested for a long while.

The others did the same, drained from the experience.

As her strength returned, Inyx raised her head and took in her new surroundings.

The group of dragons lay in an open savannah with small copses of trees scattered here and there. Far in the distance, Inyx could see a single mountain peak.

Turning her head, she saw a large herd of strange beasts grazing. Much smaller than the animals she was used to, with fur instead of scales. Inyx saw a food source. She smelled fresh water, and felt immediate relief.

She had succeeded in bringing her brothers and sisters to safety.

Inyx also knew that while the number of dragons that had come with her were few, they would have to explore this new world and each claim its own territory so as not to deplete the food sources.

Another thought occurred to her and she paused to look inward. She blew an icy sigh of relief. Her egg was still safe within her, and its precious contents shifted. She would need to find her own new territory soon and a safe place to lay her egg. Her young was nearly ready to escape its tight confines.


© Copyright 2017 Tamara Hartl, not edited for publication

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