A Dragon Legend Part 6

Please enjoy my latest collection of short stories, A Dragon Legend! 


Having prepared the spell that would take her to a safer world, Inyx stood on the ledge over her valley, looking over the few dragons that had returned after the turning of the moon.

Inyx shook her head in sorrow. Some of her kin would find a hidden, sheltered spot, a cave if possible, and go into the deep sleep. So deep would they slumber that hundreds of years could pass.

And some dragons, Inyx knew, would disregard her warning, and perish when the intruder from the sky struck their world.

Hadrea joined Inyx on her ledge, looking anxious. “It is time, Great One?” she asked.

Inyx looked on at the pitiful few who were willing to follow her; only a few of each kind of dragon.

She turned her attention to Hadrea. “Yes,” she answered. “No more will come. I pray they have fortune on their side.”

Inyx closed her eyes and sent a thought out to all who gathered. Follow me, think of me she commanded. Let the spell flow through your mind, and think of me. The magic will keep us together and take us to our new lands. Let nothing distract you.

The assembled dragons closed their eyes as well and let the words of the spell enter their consciousness.

Inyx began to speak the words aloud in the dragon tongue and the others repeated it as a vision of the new plane took shape in their minds.

Something spooked a small group of tiny dragon kin, who stampeded toward the group of spellbound dragons. A young blue dragon turned her head as a predator dinosaur followed the smaller dinosaurs into the valley. As she stumbled over the words, pain ripped through her as the spell went awry and the blue dragon fell, writhing in agony.

The other dragons were focused inward, and did not see the blue dragon draw one last shaky breath.

Magic began to shimmer in the air, stopping the large dinosaur and allowing the smaller ones escape. The predator snorted in alarm and turned to disappear into the trees at the edge of the valley. When it turned to look back into the valley all that remained was a very large, blue-tinted boulder and a faint glint in the air.

Far to the south, a big red female curled protectively around her egg, tenting her wings to cover them both. In time, she slipped deep into sleep, secure far into the huge cavern she claimed as her own, her hide becoming as stone, effectively camouflaging her.

She did not notice the streak of fire across the sky or seconds later, the violent shaking of the ground. Rock and dirt slid from above the entrance to her cave, sealing her in, and protecting her from the explosion of wind and debris.


© Copyright 2017 Tamara Hartl, not edited for publication

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