A Dragon Legend Part 5

Please enjoy my latest collection of short stories, A Dragon Legend! 


After a stunned silence, the assembled dragons looked at each other, the cacophony of voices overwhelming in Inyx’s mind.

“Quiet!” she called vocally.

All did as she bid, their gazes on her as they looked to her for guidance.

Inyx paced the ledge for a moment, deep in thought, her magic nearly a visible thing as she opened herself up to it.

She paused, as if contemplating a thought. Finally the ice dragon turned to those gathered below.

“There are other planes that will have life. I have seen the spell that can take us there.”

She paced again as she let the spell come to her in its entirety.  “We must look for lands that will allow us to thrive as we do now. I have seen a place that I think is promising, but there is a new creature that lives there the likes of which we have never seen. It is much smaller than us, and walks on two legs.”

Inyx opened her mind to the other dragons and let them see her vision of the new world, as well as a fleeting glimpse of the inhabitants.

“They do not look very dangerous,” said one dragon at the rear of the assemblage.

Inyx let the vision go, and then sent a mental image of a small, but dangerous dinosaur to all the others. The raptor they all saw glared in the dragons’ minds, its sharp teeth and muzzle dripping blood.

“More than one of us has lost young to something much smaller than us. Never believe that the small are no threat,” Inyx said. “We have great magic. We should approach these creatures as guardians. In exchange for our protection, we ask them to let us live in peace among their kind.”

Inyx’s last words caused an uproar. A big red dragon snorted, smoke trickling from her nostrils. “I will not be a guardian to something so puny. Why can we not just take the lands and make them ours?”

“I will not go!” exclaimed another red. “I say we stay and sleep the deep sleep. All will be safe when we wake.”

Others joined in the argument and soon the valley was full of the deafening sound of the dragons.

Inyx approached the edge of the ledge and let out a great bellow. Hadrea joined Inyx and added her bass rumble to Inyx’s bugle.

Gradually, ordered returned, although the dragons below were restless.

“I cannot tell you to go or to stay,” Inyx said. “That is your decision. I must do what I can to protect my young as well as the survival of our kind.” In the growling language of dragons, her voice carried across the valley.

“I will prepare for my journey to this new plane. In a turning of the moon, those who wish to come with me should gather here in this valley.” Her silver gaze swept over the other dragons. “You who wish to stay, sleep the deep sleep. Perhaps you will survive. I hope that it is so.”

With a sadness in her heart that she had never felt before, Inyx turned and disappeared into the cavern in her mountain.


© Copyright 2017 Tamara Hartl, not edited for publication

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