Pitchfork and Pen—What’s in a Name?


How do you get a writer to freak out?

Well, it’s really not all that hard. We get bent out of shape over a lot of things. And nervous. And excited. Or, at least I do. I will give you a prime example with something that just happened to me.

If you have been following my exploits, you know that Book Three in the Knights of Kismera Series, The Dragon’s Tear, is finished and being edited. We have been doing promotional work on social media, with things like 1lineWednesdays.

Thankfully, I suppose, we discovered another book, also third in a series, with the title of Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 10.49.24 AM.pngDragon’s Tear.

When I found this out I thought back to all the research I did on the book title before I started. Dean Koontz had Dragon Tears, but I still felt okay about my title.

But here’s where the freak out started—I googled The Dragon’s Tear…and found two more. What the hey?????

So I have to go back to square one with the title.

Conferring back and forth with my wonderful team, I have solved the dilemma. The Dragon’s Tear is now Keeper of the Dragon’s Tears.

I Googled it. I checked Amazon. I did not find another book by that name. Whew.

All is well now. Until something else comes along that I don’t understand, or have control of. Then it will be freak out time again.

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