Dark Lord of Kismera (cont’d)


Ki spotted something and pointed, “See, just there, two bison beasts.”

Drace squinted against the lowering sun. “No…oh wait, I see one,” he said as one of the large buffalo-like animals moved, throwing its head at flies then lowering it to graze again. The other came into his sight as it moved forward to more grass. They looked pretty much like buffalo, but with larger bodies and  longer horns.

As they moved into better view, he noticed the smaller of the two had a calf by her side, old enough to have the beginnings of horns.

“There will be more over that slight rise, I am sure,” Ki informed him. “They travel in herds. She is probably coming into season the way the bull is following her.”

The calf was feeling frisky and jumped away at something imagined,
cavorting around his mother.

“It’s a nice view, but I don’t think that’s why you asked me out here, is it?”

“No, not really,” She gave him a quizzical look. “Do you miss your homeland?”

“Yes, sometimes I miss my world, especially hot running water and lights that come on with a flip of a switch,” Drace answered, thinking that this probably wasn’t what she had wanted to discuss with him.

“I wanted to tell you that I thought you were training well. I am pleased with your progress, but I cannot say these things in front of the others.”

“I see, you have to keep up the hard-ass image to the men.” Drace grinned.

“I am not sure what that means, exactly, but I do have to maintain respect, yes.” She moved away from the tree, the sword she wore at her waist rapping lightly in its scabbard against the trunk. “There is another reason I asked for your company.”

“Really?” Drace returned dryly, “And what is that?”

She came up to him and took his right hand in both of hers. “I find myself thinking of you at odd times. Remembering those few moments in the stables and wondering what being with you would be like.” She studied the large hand she held for a moment, tracing the calluses caused by his sword. She looked up at his face, “Having you kiss me again.”

Drace pulled her to him and held her close against his chest. “All you had to do is ask.” He lowered his head and met her mouth in a long, breathless kiss. He felt her tremble against him and he deepened the kiss when she moaned.

“I’ve wanted to do that again ever since that night in the stable,” he said hoarsely when he came up for air. He kissed her again, and with one hand on her bottom pulled her tighter against him.

Feeling his arousal, Ki wanted more, and when his hand gently brushed against her breast, her knees became weak. Ki’s hands went to the laces of his shirt, and soon her hands felt the heat of his chest. Drace broke the kiss and sucked in a breath at the feel of her electric touch on his bare skin.

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