Four More Days ’Til Halloween!


With Halloween approaching, I am in the spirit of ghosts and goblins. The kids will be dressed as superheroes, super villains, cartoon characters, and princesses. Seeing what the kids come up with is such fun! There is one costume I don’t care to ever see on the front porch, though—zombies!

I can’t explain it. I can’t stand them. Nothing personal! Zombies are very much in right now. But I just can’t get on that crazy train.

Ok, I’ll come clean. They give me the willies. I’m not scared of ghosts or dark of night, but picture1just thinking about the undead makes my skin crawl. If the goal of zombie story creators is to give someone the heebie-jeebies, then mission accomplished!! I’m not necessarily “scared” of zombies, but to see one on TV, or in a movie…can’t do it.

Shows like “The Walking Dead” are super hits on TV and popular with people from all age groups. I’ve actually heard the line, “Nope, can’t come over for dinner. My zombie show is on.” That was from someone’s grandmother, by the way! I know there are several popular zombie-themed cult films. That probably is also a matter of opinion as well. If you’re into zombies then any zombie flick is most likely going to do it for you. I’ll take Dracula or Poltergeist over those movies any day.

I was in a convenience store recently and one of the new scratch-offs had zombies all over it. I turned right around and left without buying a thing. It’s irrational. I know they aren’t real, even though zombies are part of folklore in many cultures.

So what creature of the night gives you the creeps? Spiders don’t count, although they rank right up there with zombies in my book. Is it the wicked witch that gives you the shivers? Mummies? Or does a scary ghost make you come out of your shoes?

Enjoy your Halloween, everyone. Hope it’s more fun than scary!!

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